It’s always a good idea to get the word out about your new business, but you might not know how! A company launch press release is an easy way to advertise and get media coverage. It allows you to tell people what your business is all about and will help promote it in the future.

In this blog post, we will discuss what a press release or sometimes referred to as a news release, should include, tips for writing one, and templates that are available for download to ensure you get media coverage.

There are several important things that you should include in your press release, but it is also helpful to know what not to mention.

This will allow the journalist or bloggers to stay interested in your story and help others learn about who you are as a business owner.

Remember when creating your press release that this is an opportunity to tell your story.

This is more than just a simple advertisement, so it’s important that you put yourself into each word and really focus on what makes your business stand out from the competition.

With these tips in mind, we hope our templates will be helpful for any new business owner who wants to create their own press release!

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What is a press release?

A press release is an announcement of newsworthy events issued to the media, hoping to be published for media coverage.

The term “press” is significantly older than the notion of “public relations,” and originally, their function was similar, but this has changed over time.

A press release is a prepared statement of facts at a specific time containing information on which reporters would want to base original content, interviews, or news reports.

They are often used by people or organizations who need public attention for something they are doing, such as launching a new business.

When should I write a press release?

You should write a press release for your new business when you want people to know about it.

You usually want to do it 2 weeks before your grand opening. This will ensure when you open your doors, people can learn about it.

The first thing you should know is that press releases are not advertisements for your business.

They are meant to share information with the media, turning them into news stories, blog posts, or other forms of coverage for their audience.

Determine your audience for all your press releases

It’s crucial to determine who your target customer is for all of your press releases. It’s impossible to capture the attention of anyone if you don’t know who you’re speaking to.

Knowing your audience will allow you to better tailor the information included in your press release and make it more relevant.

This step is necessary because having a great product or idea isn’t enough for success, especially if nobody knows about it! This can be hard to learn but essential as a new business owner.

What’s not included in a press release?

Don’t mention how great or awesome your business is.

The media already knows this, and they want to hear new things about your business or product that will be interesting for their readers/viewers interested in those same topics, so it’s important not to focus too much on this aspect of the announcement.

Also, avoid mentioning anything specifically about price as well as any negative comments.

Remember, this is not an advertisement, so you don’t want to come off that way.

Press Release Format

Now that we know what a press release is and what it isn’t let’s go over what the press release format looks like. Journalists are used to seeing a particular press release format for their stories, so make sure your press release follows the guidelines below:


You don’t want to spend your time on a dull, uninspiring headline for this company launch. Instead, it should be dramatic and informative so people know so readers will want to read your press release.


The release of your progress should include a brief overview, including answers to the following questions: Who? What? When? Where? and Why With what effect.

If you can answer these questions in the first few sentences, journalists will write something about it.

A good lead is usually 50 words or less and answers all the 5 W questions.

Remember that this should be directly under your headline; don’t make them separate because if they are separated by too much text or don’t support each other, it can be confusing and put off potential readers.

Introduce the company and

Make sure you introduce your company and where you’re located if you’re local. If you are not, be sure to include your URL.

Since your business is brand new, it is important to include your mission statement in one concise sentence.

This will make sense of why you are starting the business, what inspired you, and how this benefits others or fills society’s needs.

Do not go into too much detail here; just give enough information for people to understand why you’re doing this. A quote from an owner can also help.

This is your chance to tell people what they can expect in the press release, so make sure it’s concise and interesting enough for them to read on!

The Dateline

Confirming that you’re providing the most up-to-date information is crucial for establishing your credibility in the press release.

A dateline also tells readers when you were interviewed or where this information is coming from if they want to verify any of your sources. This section should include: Date, City/Town, and State (if not local), along with a quote about what’s happening in that area at this time.


In the body of your press release, explain what has been covered earlier in the lead. Starting with the most newsworthy info about your product and finishing off secondary details for those interested.

Here is where you can include information about your team if it’s relevant.

Team members should be listed to contribute to the company, and only those who are essential for a press release need to be included here. If more than five people are involved with the business, list only the key players according to how much they contribute.

By introducing the right people in your team who have information about specific products, services, and/or events related to what you’re announcing in this press release, journalists can write more articles on these topics based on your offerings! It’s also good to include any awards or recognition you’ve received in the past.

Provide a contact number or website address

Sometimes journalists have additional questions or concerns, so you want to make sure they can reach out to you if necessary!

So, include your contact number and website address at the end of the press release. You never know when a journalist might need more information or want to hear from someone else in your company, so be sure not to leave this part out!

News Worthy Ideas For Your Press Releases

Coming up with a newsworthy angle is sometimes hard to do for a brand new business. We want to help you stand out from the press releases that Journalists and news outlets have to go through.

Give any special offers that may be available

Do you have a grand opening special available? Do you have a coupon for first-time customers?

If so, make sure the journalist knows about it! These things will help attract readers and can be included easily at the end of your press release.

The reason you want to touch on this in your press release is that you want to be able to get your name out there, and what better way than by offering exclusive deals or specials only available for a limited time?

Special offers will help support the claims you made in your press release and can also encourage people who read it to share with their audience. This will attract more potential customers and show them that you are a trustworthy company so they can feel comfortable buying from you.

Interesting story how the company was founded

Does your new business have an interesting backstory?

Maybe your business was founded by a husband and wife team who met in college?

Or perhaps you’ve been working on starting this new company for years! These stories can encourage journalists to write an article about it so they’ll look at the press release you send them.

If there is anything interesting about your story, bring those points up to help encourage journalists or anyone who would like to learn more about your business!

Be sure that the story is interesting but not over-the-top. You don’t want people throwing it away after reading a sentence because they think you’re trying too hard (no one likes an attention seeker).

Grand opening press release

If you’re doing an unorthodox grand opening for your business, you should definitely let journalists know about it!

Doing something different will help encourage people to check out your company and see what all the hype is about.

You want to make sure that whatever you have planned for this press release stands out, so be sure not to do anything too crazy or dangerous (unless it’s a stunt you’re pulling for a video and it’s all planned, of course).

If your grand opening press release is going to be about something that will attract people in the area, make sure journalists know about it! This way, they can write an article based on what you have to offer.

Use eye-catching photos

Sometimes the best press release can be one that has really well-done photos.

Make sure that the photos you’re using have been done well and are not too busy. The main focus of your press release should be to help get across what it is that you want people to know about your company, so don’t let anything distract from that!

Also make sure they aren’t blurry or pixelated in any way.

If you’re sending your photos off to a news outlet, make sure they are print-worthy!

You want the journalists to be able to use them without having to edit anything, so it’s best not to send over something that has bad quality because chances are they won’t even take a look at what you have sent them if there are quality issues.

Include numbers to add value

Don’t forget to include any statistics or facts that you have in your press release!

This will help show people how credible and trustworthy your company is, encouraging them to check out what you’re doing.

If the story behind a new business isn’t interesting, journalists will often use numbers and statistics to make your press release interesting.

They’ll need some fact or statistic that states why they should care about your business, and stats are the best for this!

A theory that challenges some current idea

If your company challenges a current norm, then this is exactly what your press release should be about.

This can attract their interest even more because they’ll likely try to write an article on it because it will generate an emotional response with those who agree or oppose the norm.

Press Release Templates & examples

We have plenty of prelease releases we’ve done for new businesses. We are happy to share our templates with you if you reach out to us and ask. We love helping new businesses and seeing them succeed.


Press releases are a great way to introduce your company to the world. They provide an opportunity for you to share your news and promote what makes your business unique. But there is a right way and wrong way of doing it, so don’t take this chance lightly!

Contact our team of experts today if you want help writing or distributing a press release that will leave people wanting more from you in the future.

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